Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My trip to London

Off to the Halloween Party with the gang

And off I go.  I have been scooting for a month now but Im practising my special tricks

Having a boogie to Monster Mash

ooh so much fun...until I am bounced off!
Dinner with Felix, loving that corn!

up up and ....

Displaying our pumpkins
Dinner by pumpkin light

And away we went after London to celebrate Farfars 70th birthday with my cousins

My first time trick or treating, luckily I had my Daddy as protection

I had such a fun holiday seeing so many people. Everywhere I looked there was fun to be had. I am talking more and more and my favourite word at the moment is clementine! I had so much fun with Coco and then with Tess, I love having big girl cousins to play with.  I dont think this is the place but Mummy and Daddy have a 'funny' story about the start of our holiday. Something to do with a buggy, me in the buggy, asleep and slightly forgotten for a tincy while! We wont dwell on this here...

Goodbye Denmark and Hello France

My first home, from birth till 1and 7 months
At least we are taking our bike

I love my big brothers!

Always time for a nudey swim

Time for bed but one last play at Jaspers party!

It even looks as though it was my birthday cake!

To be honest I havent really noticed a difference that we have moved. Except for the fact that for the first few weeks I spend most days covered in bruises, mainly on my forehead, as I was getting used to the new stairs and the freedom to get outside. I did look as though Mummy and Daddy weren't looking after me very well! I like my new room and my new garden because there is so much room to play with my brothers. As long as Im with them and Mummy and Daddy then I am happy and LOUD

Monday, 11 August 2014

Its the summer

No fear, off I go

Ottos shoes again

Off we go, Coco at the helm!

The Famous five must have an iceblock stop!

Coco and I

Here I have found Ottos hat and shoes

Off on another boat ride, I just want to get in the water!

See how long my hair has got

Enjoying Granny Moos pool

iceblock time was never too far away on holiday

I have had so much fun this summer. We went on a big plane to France to go on holiday. Mummy definitely needed the holiday especially when I decided that I didnt want to be tucked in nicely in my seatbelt and it was past my bedtime! I have very good lungs and I think EVERYONE on the plane is still recovering. Anyway we made it to France and we saw Coco and Otto and had lots of fun.
 I have done so much swimming and I decided that once I had gone under the water once for a long time ( I sl ipped off the step) then I better get a move on and learn to swim. So from there I enjoyed swimming around with my arm bands on. I love the water!
Im still enjoying wearing everyones shoes, whosever I can find, I will try. As you can also see I didnt wear so many clothes this summer, totally unnecessary!