Monday, 5 May 2014

Easter trip to Bornholm

So Mummy looked up and there I was, copying her doing her yoga moves!

I found Felix's hat, I think Ill have that!

Love my brother snuggles

ok enough is enough

...when will this stop?

helping felix open his presents

giving my brother some love

A wander along the rocks

See, I can sit quietly!

a spot of football anyone?

First shorts of the season

So the other morning everyone was saying goodbye to Felix, as he was going on his first big boy playdate so I took the opportunity to have some time to myself. When Mummy came out to find me where do you think she found me? Up the tree!! Just waiting to be found!!

crazy me

climbing as usual!

My whole life consists of me getting up to mischief, mainly climbing up and into places I should not be. I love going to vuggestue and I am the life and soul. Lots of cuddles and kisses for everyone, sometimes if they are lucky I add a bit of dribble, drool and snotties too! I seem to be constantly covered in bumps and bruises and I definitely seem to be developing a thick skull! I love running around after my brothers and they are generally very sweet with me, though Felix does occassionally like to sit on me!!