Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Now I'm 2! Christmas in New Zealand

Father Christmas came! ('Far va Christmas')

Ready for Christmas....for around half an hour anyway before I wanted to get in the pool and pull my hair out!


and more presents for me

Trying to get the gang together for a photo
Time with a man in a red suit who looked remarkably like Uncle Steve!
Off for a walk with Doodoo

Enjoying the sand

I love my Daddy

Ice blocks and more ice blocks

Off for another walk, this time to find Cathedral Cove

Playing with my bro

We made it!
Taking the boat to Whitianga, 3 min trip!

ooh watch I dont burn my bottom in the hot water

Here I am with Aunty Kylie and Coco, digging at Hot water beach

Time with Godmummy Mel

Movie Time with the gang

Wow, Im actually sitting down

Spoke too soon 

So our holiday began.... However.....We took 63 hours to get there because Air France wanted us to feel every second of the long journey! So we had a little stop over in Japan and I enjoyed that.. a little. I got a little ratty at times but overall Mummy and Daddy were very proud of me.Now Im 2 and Im ready to go. I had my birthday in Papamoa, with my brothers and my godmummy Mel. We had so much cake that I bent over double and said 'sore tummy mummy'. We had a fun little dinner with Nate and Mason as well.I like I like birthdays a lot.
The rest of the holiday was so much fun once we got there.  I couldn't swim enough! One day when Mummy had told me to get out of the pool, and just after Jasper had taken off my floaties, I took a running jump into Aunty Judes pool! Hmmm I hadnt figured on going down down down... lucky for me Mummy knows me pretty well and fished me out! 
I had so much fun with all my cousins, I didn't want it to end nor the endless iceblocks and icecream...yummy!  Poppa also taught me how to boogie board so on the last day of my holiday I managed to catch some waves, with a little help! Poppa couldn't believe it! I enjoyed my walk to Cathedral cove. I nearly walked all the way there like the big kids! So all in all I had such a fun time. I cant wait to go back soon!

Time in the countryside

Here I am with Izzy, off for a scoot

Not sure about those cows!

Lunch next to Notre Dame, yummy French food

Out and about in Paris!

Here I am just before our trip to New Zealand, just before I turned 2. I am still running around like crazy ( TBH Im very quick, my brothers better watch out!) and scooting. I am talking more and more and I like to sing. My favourite words are still: FeeFee, Jaja and cuddle me. My hair is growing well but I wont let Mummy brush it! I am enjoying going to my school but very soon I will move up to the big class. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby gym class where we have to climb and jump over everything. I have no fear and this is my favourite part of the week. I especially love running and jumping into the sponge pit.