Monday, 11 August 2014

Its the summer

No fear, off I go

Ottos shoes again

Off we go, Coco at the helm!

The Famous five must have an iceblock stop!

Coco and I

Here I have found Ottos hat and shoes

Off on another boat ride, I just want to get in the water!

See how long my hair has got

Enjoying Granny Moos pool

iceblock time was never too far away on holiday

I have had so much fun this summer. We went on a big plane to France to go on holiday. Mummy definitely needed the holiday especially when I decided that I didnt want to be tucked in nicely in my seatbelt and it was past my bedtime! I have very good lungs and I think EVERYONE on the plane is still recovering. Anyway we made it to France and we saw Coco and Otto and had lots of fun.
 I have done so much swimming and I decided that once I had gone under the water once for a long time ( I sl ipped off the step) then I better get a move on and learn to swim. So from there I enjoyed swimming around with my arm bands on. I love the water!
Im still enjoying wearing everyones shoes, whosever I can find, I will try. As you can also see I didnt wear so many clothes this summer, totally unnecessary!

June Fun

I  can write too like my brothers

At the park, making friends

It was so nice that Alice came to visit, here we are hanging in the garden

surprise surprise im not sitting down!

Last trip to the copenhagen zoo, it was nice to take Alice

Up to no good, up my tree unattended or authorised!

Saying goodbye to Camille

Going on the boat trip to say goodbye to Copenhagen